June 30, 1953 marked the day that the first of 300 Corvettes rolled off their Flint, Michigan assembly line. It wasn’t your average Tuesday. Few ever envisaged that the car would evolve into an American icon. The world celebrates the Corvette’s 60th Anniversary this year—and special activities will be held at the National Corvette Museum to commemorate the birth of America’s favorite sports car.

The Corvette is much more than just a car. It’s become a symbol of innovation, pop culture and modernity itself. The cult of the Corvette remains strong with international enthusiasts attending special events. When the world was preparing for the Corvette’s 50th Golden Anniversary ten years ago, special events were held across the United States to celebrate the car’s magnificence. In an article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Wendell Strode, Executive Director at the National Corvette Museum, said the car harbors a feeling of community amongst owners and car lovers.

“The unique thing about this car is…how it facilitates this wonderful feeling of camaraderie. It’s a real lifestyle,” Strode said.

Maybe one of the most genuine aspects of the Corvette is the unity created through love of the car. You don’t have to be an automotive expert enthusiast to appreciate one of the greatest modern engineering marvels built in the United States. Regardless of your preferred automobile, it’s hard to deny the greatness of the Corvette. Perhaps Neal White said it best in a 2002 article from the Waxahachie Daily in Texas: “It’s a fun car to drive—even if you drive the speed limit.”

The Corvette’s 60th Anniversary Celebration will be held at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green June 27-28. Thursday will kick off the event with an Evolution Display showcasing the first 60 years of Corvettes. Guests can witness the first display of “C7” Corvettes available for enthusiasts to get up close to, sit inside, “kick the tires” and learn about the new Stingray firsthand.  GM will provide a number of the new “C7” Corvettes along with members of the Corvette Team from Warren Tech Center and the Bowling Green Assembly Plant to answer your questions and do a detailed walk-around of the new cars.

Another special occasion is in the works for Friday—the groundbreaking for the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park.  After 10 months of intensive work with a track designer and engineers, the Museum is ready for a tangible start to MSP construction.  The target date for the first section of the facility to open is the Museum’s 20th Anniversary Celebration at Labor Day weekend, 2014.

The 2-day 60th Anniversary event is open to all, no charge to members and only Museum admission for non-members. 

Come celebrate the birthday of America’s favorite sports car. Perhaps the Louisville Courier-Journal titled it best as “America’s perfect icon.”