Wow Now Brownie Cow. … Cherry Althea. … Big Red Rumble. …  Those are just three delicious flavors to entice you to visit Chaney’s Dairy Barn! June is the perfect month to visit the farm since it’s National Dairy Month.


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See how the Chaneys have taken the family dairy farm and helped it evolve into an agritourism destination. For just $4 per person, take the self-guided farm tour where you can see the farm’s Jersey cows — and its robotic milker.


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Then, let the kids enjoy Chaney’s fantastic playground, or (for an extra fee) bounce on the jumping pillow. Chaney’s also offers a lunch and dinner menu, so it’s easy to make an afternoon out of a trip to Chaney’s!

June events at Chaney’s include Ice Cream & a Moovie and Miss Glimmer Day.


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If your favorite dairy product is cheese, then a trip to our friends at Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese in nearby Austin is in order. Home to a 120-cow closed herd that includes American Holstein, European Holstein, Australian Red, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cows, Kenny’s makes cheese fresh almost daily. You can visit their farm shop and learn more about their cheese making process.

Their cheese is so popular, you can find it being used in restaurants around the Commonwealth, as well as in other states.


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If you want to check out some cheeses closer to BGKY, then head over to the Hilltopper Creamery at the Western Kentucky University farm. They produce a wide variety of cheese made from their dairy cows’ milk.

Hilltopper Creamery’s cheese even bested two of three Wisconsin cheeses in a blind taste test when WKU faced the University of Wisconsin at football in September 2018. WKU’s smoked sharp cheddar and Colby cheeses reigned supreme.


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WKU students make these cheeses, and the Hilltopper Creamery store is open from 9am-4pm Tuesday-Friday at the WKU Farm, 406 Elrod Road.

Why not celebrate Dairy Month with a trip to BGKY? It’s such a delicious way to plan your trip. We have plenty of ideas for other things to do once you get here!