Don’t be alarmed if you see smoke hovering around parts of Mammoth Cave National Park over the next few days… weather conditions are favorable for some prescribed burns to take place.  They do this periodically to control invasive plants and allow for native vegetation to return, which often means enhancing the wildlife habitat.  It’s also a great way to get rid of deadfall and reduce the risk of it igniting a larger fire later on.  The fires will NOT affect any cave tours; however, some parts of the park will be closed, including the Green River Ferry on portions of Wednesday and Friday.  If you’re planning on taking the Duncan Hines Scenic Byway through the Park, you may not be able to cross the river, so call ahead to 270-758-2166 to check!  If you have breathing conditions, you may want to stay indoors if in the area.  Read more about the fires and other news from Mammoth Cave by following the link in the title or going here-