My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Friday night date at the new tapas bar in Bowling Green called “Entourage.” It is located downtown right off the square on College Street.

We walked into a lovely room with small groupings of upholstered chairs and sofas placed in conversation enhancing arrangements. Farther back there was a beautiful bar with seating and tables (with tablecloths) and chairs. The place is very cosmopolitan chic with mood lighting and nice artwork, along with good music that provided just the right background.

We ordered drinks from a very polite and attentive waiter. While we waited, we perused the tapas (appetizer) menu. There were several items that we wanted to try, but settled on a potato dish and a cheese fondue. The food was soon brought out and what a treat! The potatoes were delicious with a mayonnaise based dip, and the cheese fondue was beyond my expectations! It was beautifully arranged with carrots, baby tomatoes, two types of olives, sliced apples, broccoli, and two kinds of bread. I may be forgetting something, but it was all scrumptious! I can’t wait to taste some of the other choices.

In my opinion, Bowling Green has needed a place like this for a long time. It provides a pleasant atmosphere for people to enjoy a few drinks, good appetizers, and conversation with friends after work or out for the evening. We will definitely be going back to Entourage Tapas Bar!  -Joyce