While Western Kentucky is known for its outdoor adventures which include nature trails, Bowling Green and Warren County are participating in several other “trails” that lead to hidden-gem attractions, delicious drinks and savory meals!

Bowling Green is involved in several new multi-jurisdictional projects themed around "trails". These projects connect the area to other locations across the state, encouraging discovery for those interested in road-tripping. Several are detailed below with ways to get involved – a few are even gamified with prizes and incentives for visiting each location.

Kentucky Capital Quest:
What it is:
 A Kentucky activation with multiple participating cities. Each destination reveals the unique and fascinating claims to fame that define Kentucky’s rich heritage. Collect all badges for your passport from participating CVBs. Each travel "level" achieved earns you a prize. The only place to get each passport badge is at the applicable CVB locations! Bowling Green is participating as "The Corvette Capital of the World."

How to find more information: Go on a quest and learn more here.

National Corvette Museum

West Kentucky BBQ Belt:
What it is:
 Western Kentucky can now celebrate a new destination with the freshly established West Kentucky BBQ Belt. Visit all destinations for an un-grill-ievable experience. This trail is for those looking to “pig out” in the region. Bowling Green's Smokey Pig and Split Tree BBQ are participating. 

How to find more information: Acquire your pass and earn prizes by scouting for BBQ joints. Learn more information here.


Western Kentucky Brew Hop:
What it is:
 A trail that introduces the hops, bubbles and brews of Western Kentucky beer. Visit all breweries on the trail, "check in" on the app, and win prizes! Bowling Green's Blue Holler Brew Supplies and White Squirrel Brewery are participating. 

How to find more information: Download the pass and earn prizes for sipping. More information can be found here.

White Squirrel Brewery

Horses, Horsepower and Hollers:
What is it:
 A distinctive and immersive tourism experience across six key destinations in Kentucky -  showcasing the unique cultural, historical, and adventurous offerings of each location.

How to find more information: Check out the website here for detailed itineraries through these iconic Kentucky locations.


Western Kentucky Wine Trail:
What it is: 
Bourbon not your thing? No problem – the newly launched wine trail will take you through the vineyards of the rolling hills in Western Kentucky.

How to get more information: Uncork everything you need to know about the Western Kentucky Wine Trail here.

Traveler's Cellar Winery

While nothing can replace the thrill of outdoor fun in Western Kentucky, we’re sure these trails and projects will keep you satisfied and excited for your next adventure and discovery.