Shanty Hollow is one of my all-time favorite places to hike. And I would have to consider the Smokies, Rockies, Tetons, Yellowstone and over a hundred other locations when saying that. Warren County and the surrounding area has a real natural showpiece nearby, yet most of its residents might dismiss it without even knowing what lies inside the woodland there.

The karst topography blessing the triangular junction of Warren, Butler, and Edmonson County is no doubt “a land of a thousand waterfalls.” All but a few are on private land. However, one precious falls can be seen in due season as the pinnacle of a great hour of hiking.

Shanty Hollow Lake is a national park style wilderness compacted into a four mile round trip hike. Come in the winter and see a lake frozen solid and an icicle display among the cliff line. Wait until spring and partake so many white blooms on the forest floor you would think it was still snowing. Summer provides a healthy lush green canopy that gives you a lost feeling—lost in the freedom only woodlands provide.

And then there is the autumn of the year. Shanty Hollow in the fall is a bucket list must for any person that considers themselves outdoorsy. The colors of the trees under a crisp blue beyond are as vivid as our human eyesight will allow.

Pause at the cliffs, admire the canyon, smile at the waterfall, and breathe in deep. If you live around Bowing Green or are just passing through, you share an awesome backyard for a moment in Shanty Hollow. Happy Hiking!

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