One thing we’ve noticed that fascinates our visitors is our knack for “Southern hospitality”. So… after reading a column by Katie’s sister in the Allen County paper called “Fried Things and Turnip Greens” we thought we’d pass along some of her tips to help northerners and mid-westerns decipher Southern culture. We welcome your comments on all things Southern!

The Finger Wave
(And not the California howdy!)
The Finger Wave is typically seen in small towns on back roads. You acknowledge passing cars by lifting your pointer finger from the wheel and add a small nod of your head. If it is foggy or dark, lift your whole hand. This small gesture lets the other driver know that you are “one of their own.”

This whole finger/hand wave and head bob/nod is a cultural art. I suspect that there are entire doctoral dissertations written on this subject. I have seen my Dad in full conversation in his truck and still manage to flip his fingers, nod his nose, bob his head and shake an ear, depending on how well he liked the person he was seeing.

We’ll explore the Corvette ‘Wave’ next time!