Even though I have a lousy track record with plants - and my thumbs are far from any shade of green - I decided to stop by this year’s Herb Festival at the Wild Bird & Nature Store.  As I began to stroll the perimeter of the event, I was astounded by the variety of herbs, roses, and perennials that were available for purchase. 

There were the fan favorites: oregano, basil, lilies, and roses; but there were also the more obscure varieties as well.  Not once had I ever seen an ice plant, and I had never heard of firewitch dianthus, but these and other curiously named specimens were in full abundance at the annual Herb Festival.  The longer I scanned over the textured blanket of herbs and flowers, the more apparent it was that an event like this is perfect for Bowling Green.

Despite whether you have one of the best lawns on the block, or are a horticulture newbie like myself, the Herb Festival is something you must plan on visiting.  For gardening pros, the festival is a great place to find unique additions to an existing garden; to amateurs, it is a great place to gain knowledge and start your own vegetation creation.  On site were pleasant attendants who were passionate about gardening and eager to help me with any questions I had.  To me, they were the main reason I considered the festival to be a huge success.

The Herb Festival is just one of many unique attractions to be held in Bowling Green, but for gardeners of all experience levels, this is a must-visit.  If you weren’t able to attend this year, make it a priority to do so next time the festival is in town.  In the meantime, grab your garden gloves and trowel and start to grow a beautiful garden full of delicate roses, robust herbs, and a plethora of plants of which I’ve probably never heard.