I can’t believe we are almost three weeks into the Hot Rods’ inaugural season and I’ve been to eight of the nine home games thus far! Let me explain that I am not a huge baseball follower… I barely understand the game, and I am not obligated to attend for the Visitors Bureau or any other political reasons. It just happens that my husband is the site superintendent of the Ballpark for Alliance Corporation. Considering there is still finishing work to be done, he feels more comfortable being at the games just in case. And after the first game, there is no dragging, begging or guilting me into keeping him company… I am hooked on the Hot Rods!

There is so much excitement and energy bouncing off the outfield and surging through the stands that is hard to not become hooked. From laughing at the contestants in the Build-A-Burger contest and the Sumo wrestlers to cheering on every Hot Rods’ hit or catch to talking and people-watching, this is truly wholesome entertainment. It is great to see so many kids in the stands, running after foul balls, jumping around in the Kids’ Zone, and munching on Cracker Jacks. I love to catch them acting goofy, having a good time and just being themselves in a place that promotes family fun!

It is also wonderful that parents of the older kids are comfortable enough in Bowling Green Ballpark to let them explore their freedom a bit and make new friends. I am sure there will be some tears at the close of the season! By the third game, I was already seeing several regular patrons and enjoyed hearing the familiarity of players’ names being called out from the crowd. I don’t have a favorite yet, but I am certainly keeping my eyes on a few!

What can I say about the new facility?! Considering it dominated our life for eight months and I was able to see it every step of the way, I am extremely proud of it! With a overhanging roof to shield most of the seats from weather, a beautiful Stadium Club area, a grassy section for lounging with another one on the way (as soon as the rain holds up), and not a bad seat in the whole place, Bowling Green is very fortunate to have such an entertainment venue. I look forward to seeing what groups our office can lure there during the off-season.

I already have a girlfriend planning a birthday celebration on the Party Deck- totally her idea! While I may not be able to keep up my current attendance record for the entire season, I will be at every game possible… because I definitely have the Hot Rods fever!

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