Gear up for a family road trip! It’s the annual 400 Mile Sale running June 5-8 across all of the Commonwealth! Spanning the distance across Kentucky’s scenic and historic highway 68, the 400 Mile Sale brings together a collection of vendors and shoppers like you’ve never seen.

Thousands of people flock to the sale in search of hidden gems. You’ll find visitors from all over—everywhere from California, Pennsylvania, Iowa and even Japan! The 400 Mile Sale gets people off the major highways and into the smaller communities as they travel historic highway 68 that runs through the heart of our Bluegrass state. The sale spans southward from the Maysville area through south central Kentucky and Bowling Green, eventually winding its way westward toward Paducah and even further south into Tennessee.

Vendors set up shop everywhere along the highway—from school and church parking lots to gas stations. You’ll find great deals, unique items and foodie wonders that make great pit stops.

The 400 Mile Sale website has a complete list of vendor locations along the highway, plus details of scenic locations and attractions you won’t want to miss along the way. For more information, please visit .

For further information specifically toward the Bowling Green area and the surrounding communities, please call 270-782-0800.