Our streets and our walls are filling up with color and creativity. Murals in Bowling Green, KY are making their appearance and will continue to paint our town for years to come. We know you are looking for that perfect photo backdrop and we want to be able to point you in the right direction. With the help of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce (photography credit for all images in this post), we put together a small list of murals around town. We know we don't have them all listed so we highly encourage mural-hunting on your own!

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Thoroughbred Square
Location: Thoroughbred Square Shopping Center
Mural Artists: David Jones & SKYCTC Art Club


SkyPac Mural
Location: Inside SKyPAC's Lobby
Mural artist: David Jones


Balloons Mural
Location: Balloon.A.Gram Company on Chestnut Street
Mural artist: Andee Rudloff


Love Mural
Location: Fountain Square Players in historic Shake Rag District
Mural artist: Renda Writer


Butterfly Mural at LRC
Location: Lost River Cave
Mural artists: Hadleigh Chapman and @noveltyvhabit on Instagram


Mural downtown Bowling Green
Location: Public Theatre of Kentucky 
Mural artist: Andee Rudloff


Caribou mural
Location: Inside of parking structure on the side of the CrowdSouth office
Mural artist: Andee Rudloff


Gasper Brewing Mural
Location: Gasper Brewing Company
Mural artist: Andee Rudloff


Supermarket Mural
Location: International Super Market & Cafe on Broadway
Mural artist: Lucas Ahoi 


Rudloff & Rudloff Mural
Location: Rudloff and Rudloff on E 12th Ave
Mural artist: Andee Rudloff


Rise and Shine Mural
Location: Wild Eggs on Campbell Lane
Mural artist: @alindas_sketches (Instagram handle)