I’m the first to admit… I’m a creature of habit. I find my favorite dish at each restaurant and I stick to it. But tonight, I took my frontline information center staff to dinner at Verdi and so that they would have lots of things to recommend to visitors, I had Mirsad prepare a variety of dishes that everyone could sample. Boy, I’m glad I did because I’ve found my new favorite dish.

The pork schnitzel is absolutely wonderful! It was a thin cut of pork, breaded and fried to perfection. I’m not sure what seasonings he used, but it had a nice saltiness to it that was delicious. The pork had a drizzle of a cheese (or cream) sauce that had a hint of lemon in it. The dish was served with garlic mashed potatoes and sauerkraut… I wasn’t a fan of either, but others at the table raved about the kraut. Next time I’ll get my schnitzel with wild rice.

Previous times I’ve had the Milky Way cake for dessert and I HIGHLY recommend it. Mirsad said their tiramisu and creme brulee are homemade, so I’ll put those on my list to try next time!

Verdi overlooks historic Fountain Square Park in downtown Bowling Green, so if the weather is right it is nice to dine outside on the sidewalk. The ambiance inside is very nice, too. If you want some good homemade European food, try Verdi!