What was once a catchphrase to describe a no-cooking-required collection of items disguised as a meal has morphed into a social media trend called “Girl Dinner.” While some Tiktok users have comically coined the phrase “Girl Dinner” for something non-nutritious like a bag of chips for a meal, Bowling Green has several robust and delicious “Girl Dinner” options that you can enjoy with your crew, while also being post-worthy on social media! 

Pastiche Provisions
Nothing screams “Girl Dinner” quite like a cheese bouquet. Pastiche Provisions’ beloved "cheese cones" come complete with an array of cheeses, fruit, meat and additional garnish. Delicious, nutritious and artful. If you’re leaning toward a more extensive spread, Pastiche has an in-house market and seasonally curated cheese and charcuterie boards available for dine-in and take-out.

Providence Coffee House 
What pairs better with an evening menu than a boozy bourbon milkshake? Hand-scooped vanilla ice cream, locally-sourced coffee and Kentucky bourbon complete their new alcohol-infused drink. It's best enjoyed with Providence's homemade sweet bread with rolled-up caramel, brown sugar, bacon and pecans. The treat is topped with maple cream cheese, crispy bacon and drizzled with bourbon butterscotch. Pair these two with something from their “All-Day Foodies” menu, and voila! You have “Girl Dinner” with Kentucky roots.

This Latin-inspired tapas and restaurant bar elevates the small plate experience. The location offers a selection of hand-crafted cocktails, handmade deserts, and “tapas” which usually means small, savory dishes. Piece together a tasty and nutritious “Girl Dinner” with several of their small-dish options while still satisfying your hunger and giving you room to try various meals! The benefits of “Girl Dinner” are endless.

Boyce General Store
Pop into this Alvaton cornerstone if your sweet tooth is getting the best of you and have a delicious “Girl Dinner” selection of pies from local royalty, The Pie Queen! Her creations are made from scratch, so treat yourself to several options and know you’re enjoying handcrafted local goodness. 

With the “Girl Dinner” trend taking social media by storm, Bowling Green has several locations to fulfill this feminine and fun idea while also making sure you’re enjoying tasty, local food. For more restaurant ideas to take your next “Girl Dinner” to the next level, check out the menus of several different restaurants in the area. If you post it to social media, be sure to tag us!