If I Were You

(270) 781-6233
545 Morris Alley | Bowling Green, KY 42101
Location: The Phoenix Theatre
Host: Sunburst Youth/Educational Outreach
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May 9-12, 2019

Location: 545 Morris Alley, The Phoenix Theatre, KY

Phone: (270) 781-6233

Time: 7:30 PM Thurs.-Sat., 03:00 PM Sun.

If I Were You is an original musical by Nashville playwright, Cori Anne Laemmel, that follows one year in the life of four young people who do not know each other, but share something in common: They were all born on the same day. The show opens at the birthday celebrations for Phoebe (8), Bailey (12), Noorah (15), and Jonah (18). The children have similar experiences in their schools, homes, and relationships, but experience them completely differently. In Act II, the actors switch roles, forcing the audience to consider the characters, and their respective stories, with fresh eyes.

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If I Were You