(270) 745-4044
1906 College Heights Blvd. | Bowling Green, KY 42101
Location: Hardin Planetarium
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April 26 - May 13, 2018

Location: 1906 College Heights Blvd., Hardin Planetarium, KY

Phone: (270) 745-4044

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm; Sundays at 2pm

Price: Free

Extending our search for life beyond Earth to the surprisingly diverse array of moons in our solar system, MoonBeings? Looking for Life on the Moons of Jupiter and Saturn will be showing at the WKU Hardin Planetarium from April 1 through May 13.

The show will be presented at 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Admission is free.