NCM Anniversary High Performance Driving Experience

505 Grimes Road | Bowling Green, KY 42103
Location: NCM Motorsports Park
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August 19-20, 2019

Location: 505 Grimes Road, NCM Motorsports Park, KY

Time: 7:30 AM

The NCM Anniversary HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) program focuses on 3 keys to becoming a better driver: Education, Safety, and Fun! Students are separated based on road course driving experience and assigned driving instructors. Along with on-track instruction, this program includes classroom sessions which fine-tune the technique of high performance driving.
Owning a Corvette is not complete without learning its potential! The NCM Anniversary HPDE gives owners that opportunity while surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts. In addition, Michelin, Mobil 1 and GM support this program!
You are required to bring your own vehicle, and all marques are welcome. However, GM vehicles are encouraged. All convertibles must have rollover protection deemed suitable by the SCCA PDX safety requirements. An SA2010 or SA2015-rated helmet, long pants and closed toed shoes are required. For a complete tech guide, click here: Drivers Packet.
• Instructed Students are $499.
• Solo Approved Intermediate and Advanced Drivers are $450.
• If you are a One Acre Club Member with track credit, contact to register.
Andy Pilgrim Seminar is also available for only $50! Receive turn by turn breakdown from a GM Factory Pro!
Visit NCM Motorsports Park HPDE for information and event documents. Online registration includes an event t-shirt.

NCM Anniversary High Performance Driving Experience