Night Corn Maze

10830 S. Morgantown Road | Woodburn, KY 42170
Location: Just Piddlin Farm
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October 8-28, 2022

Location: 10830 S. Morgantown Road, Just Piddlin Farm, KY

Time: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Price: $5

Brave the maze at night with these special Night Corn Maze events at Just Piddlin' Farm on Sept. 24, Oct. 8, and Oct. 28, 2022. Come explore the maze under a full (or nearly full) moon! For more event info, please call 270-542-6769 or visit the website above. Last tickets will be sold at 8pm.

Test your navigation skills and try not to get lost in the huge corn maze filled with 3 miles of pathways containing checkpoints. Your challenge is to find all the checkpoint before exiting the cornstalks!

Night Corn Maze