Nights at the Maze

(270) 542-6769
10830 S. Morgantown Road | Woodburn, KY 42170
Location: Just Piddlin Farm
Host: Just Piddlin Farm
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October 29, 2016

Location: 10830 S. Morgantown Road, Just Piddlin Farm, KY

Phone: (270) 542-6769

Test your navigation skills and try not to get lost in Just Piddlin Farm's huge corn maze during these special nighttime events. The maze is filled with 3 miles of pathways containing checkpoints. Your challenge is to find all the checkpoints before exiting the cornstalks! New this year –a special maze just for kids!

Howl at Moon Nights where all participants receive a free glow stick are September 1 and October 15. Pitch Black Mania Nights are October 1 and October 29.

Nights at the Maze