Vets 'n Vettes

350 Corvette Drive | Bowling Green, KY 42101
Location: National Corvette Museum
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Location: 350 Corvette Drive, National Corvette Museum, KY

Phone: 800-53-VETTE

Price: $20

In 2008, the NCM began a tradition of honoring our veterans, with a new event, Vets 'n Vettes. The event now includes American Warrior Recognition, a way of providing our returning warriors with a special Corvette Experience.

Thursday kicks off with a full day at the NCM Motorsports Park. Due to Covid restrictions, participants will still be able to do a full day of touring at the NCM Motorsports Park, but they will not be bringing in local veterans. Complimentary lunch served to all courtesy of Don Franklin Chevrolet.

They will celebrate Friday and Saturday with road tours, car show, a special Veteran's Wave Parade, and lunch at the local VFW. The event offers veterans, servicemen and servicewomen and those who want to support them, a comfortable place to meet and share stories and experiences.

Vets 'n Vettes