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1906 College Heights Blvd. | Bowling Green, KY 42101
Location: Van Meter Hall
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February 13, 2018

Location: 1906 College Heights Blvd., Van Meter Hall, KY

Phone: (270) 745-4375

Time: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Price: Free

The fourth Cultural Enhancement Series of 2017-18 presents Dr. Paul Alan Cox. Cox specializes in Ethnobotany and the Search for new ALS & Alzheimer’s Drugs in Remote Villages. The ethnobotanical search for new drugs has succeeded, in the past, in facilitating the discovery of some of our most important pharmaceuticals, including Digitalis for atrial fibrillation, Vincristine for pediatric leukemia, and Pilocarpine for glaucoma.

Recently, ethnobotanical explorations of island villages with high rates of ALS- and Alzheimer’stype diseases has yielded new insights into environmental toxins that trigger brain tangles and plaques in vulnerable individuals. Conversely, ethnobotanical analysis of island villages that have no record of neurodegenerative illness has yielded startling new insights into the role that diet can play in disease prevention. These ethnobotanical hypothesis have now been rigorously tested, both in vitro and in vivo, as well as in human clinical trials that show great promise for slowing and hopefully preventing these serious brain diseases.

The WKU Cultural Enhancement Series (CES) provides the campus and community the opportunity to meet some of the nation’s most influential artists and intellectuals. The goal of the series is to challenge our audiences, to expose them to new ideas, and give them new perspectives on our world.

Admission is free, no tickets necessary, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Photo by Bryan Lemon.

2017-2018 Schedule:
October 18, 2017- Robert Reich
February 2, 2018- Yamato Drummers

February 8, 2018- Roxane Gay (event co-sponsored by WKU's Gender and Women's Studies Program)
February 13, 2018- Paul Alan Cox
March 5, 2018- Daniel Levitin
April 2, 2018- Alan Tieger (Location and Time TBA; IYO Bosnia Event)

WKU Cultural Enhancement Series