Sports Services

We know how tough it can be to plan a tournament or championship event. Heck, sometimes it’s hard just getting the team dressed in time for the game. Here are some of the little things we can do to make your event or experience a victory:

  • 1st INNING - Drive you to the right facility and make sure the staff gets to know you and your specific needs… from the very beginning
  • 2nd INNING - Target the most appropriate hotels willing to negotiate group rates and balance other coinciding events
  • 3rd INNING - Aim you in the right direction for sponsorships through our knowledge of the local business community and help determine if you qualify for any grants
  • 4th INNING - Score promotion of your event through our local media relationships, plus assist with writing press releases and other promotional copy
  • 5th INNING - Train hotel staffs on how to be sports friendly and include perks like uniform washing, late checkouts, offering rebates to schools for pre-cleaning rooms, and having extra granola bars, bananas and waters available
  • 6th INNING - Ace goody bags for the teams including coupons, local information, maps, and event calendars, plus deliver coaches baskets
  • 7th INNING - Tackle the welcome head on with player parties and marquee messages around town
  • 8th INNING - Slam dunk all on-site assistance through our Sports Masters volunteer group with possible use of their information, press box, and hospitality trailers
  • 9th INNING - Track room nights after the event to help motivate future sponsors and facilities