Upcoming Sports Events in Bowling Green, KY

We've hosted a wide variety of prestigious events in Bowling Green, we are so exited to welcome the following premier sporting events in 2022! To view our full calendar of upcoming sporting events, please contact our sports sales director, Darius Clement.

Past events we have hosted this year include the following:

  • Mid-South Conference TournamentsMSC has found a great fit in Bowling Green for many of its tournaments, including:
    • Men's and Women's Wrestling Championships, February 19-20, 2022 at Ephram White Gym
    • Men's and Women's Basketball Championships, February 21-28, 2022 at Stoodle Financial Arena, Bowling Green HS
    • Men's and Women's Tennis Championships, April 21-24, 2022 at Buchanon Park 
    • Men's and Women's Golf Championships, April 25-26, 2022  and May 2-3, 2022 at Bowling Green Country Club 
    • Baseball Conference Championships, April 29-May 8, 2022  at Bowling Green Ballpark 
    • Softball Conference Championships, April 29-May 8, 2022 at South Warren High School 
  • All-American Soap Box Derby, May 20-21, 2022. This event will take place at Phil Moore Park, on the Kiwanis Soap Box Derby Track. For this twenty-fourth annual event, the Bowling Green Soap Box Derby welcomes racers for All-American competition and fun that sends winners to the National Championship.