Bowling Green, Ky.—August 14, 2013— The Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau decided to reevaluate the city as a destination and develop a strong brand identity about a year ago. A substantial amount of qualitative and quantitative research was conducted to learn from its own tourism industry and gain visitor feedback.

"Once the research was boiled down, we learned we need to focus on what makes us really distinct,” Vicki Fitch, Executive Director of the CVB, said. "The home of the Corvette and Bowling Green's obsession over the American sports car is undeniable".

This week the CVB began rolling out presentations within the community that shared the story saying Bowling Green is where the classic American sports car is celebrated. This identity is communicated in the brand’s newly adopted tagline, “Geared for Fun!” and reflected in a logo that tips its hand to the distinct shape of the National Corvette Museum.

"For travelers on the interstate, it's our skyline and most recognizable tourism draw," Fitch said.

Last year the CVB hired Chandlerthinks, a digital marketing team of branding specialists and buzz strategists, to assist in rebranding Bowling Green as a tourism destination. After completing surveys, marketing research and developing creative strategies, Steve Chandler, digital branding specialist at Chandlerthinks, revealed Bowling Green’s new destination brand to the CVB board of directors on Monday night.

Chandler explained the process of creating the brand, which was based on research highlighting Bowling Green’s biggest tourism draws: the city’s point of distinction being the Corvette, the city being a magnet for auto enthusiasts, the importance of the city’s nearness to Mammoth Cave, the city’s visitors being “hands-on” individuals and the charm and sense of place found downtown and in the surrounding countryside with rolling hills.

Bowling Green’s rebrand presents a destination epitomizing the classic all-American vacation, a unique hub of south central Kentucky with a picturesque canvas that gives families the chance to spend time together and, most importantly, have fun.

“A destination brand is a feeling, one that visitors get when they experience a community,” Fitch said. “This new destination brand encapsulates the feeling Bowling Green gives visitors.” This new marketing strategy gives the local community and businesses opportunities to collaborate and manifest this feeling.

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