Bowling Green, Kentucky provides various accommodations for populations of all abilities. This includes physical infrastructure, services, communication, and policies that ensure equitable access and participation for visitors and locals of all abilities.

  • Physical Infrastructure: Buildings, public spaces, and transportation infrastructure are built to accommodate individuals of all abilities. This involves ramps, elevators, wider doorways and accessible parking spaces throughout town.

  • Sidewalks and Pedestrian Crossings: Bowling Green maintains well-kept sidewalks with properly marked pedestrian crossings which benefit individuals who use wheelchairs, walkers, or have other mobility needs. Accessible pathways help everyone move around safely.

  • Awareness and Training: Bowling Green is constantly educating its various populations about the importance of accessibility and how creating a more inclusive and accommodating environment benefits everyone.

Should you have questions if a specific hotel, attraction, restaurant, or any other building is accessible, please reach out to or call our office at 270-782-0800.