Bowling Green's Top Attractions

Bowling Green is truly unique when it comes to the variety of attractions offered! Geared for thrills – you may find yourself pumping adrenaline on a rollercoaster or behind the wheel of a Corvette! Maybe you’re geared for the outdoors, like taking a nice boat ride underground, or exploring the depths of our caves. Explore one of our many museums and historical sites if you’re more geared towards history. No matter which adventure you’re ready to discover, there’s an attraction in Bowling Green geared for every person you’re traveling with!  

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind experiences completely unique to Bowling Green, check out one of the attractions listed below and experience what makes BG "geared for fun!"

List of All Attractions

Below is a list of all attractions location in Bowling Green! Use the filters located on the left to narrow your interests, location, or type of activity.