Culture & Famous BG'ers

It’s easy to immerse yourself in the arts and cultural scene in Bowling Green. While exploring the city, you’ll see incredible public art scattered throughout in the form of colorful murals, statues, local art galleries, as well as varying art exhibits at the Kentucky Museum and Downing Museum. You can also hear local musicians performing at The Capitol and outdoor festivals, or take in a live performance at Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center downtown. 

Museums offer a great way to learn more about a city. From art to history, and everything in between, Bowling Green is an artistic and cultural treat for both visitors & locals to experience and enjoy.


Bowling Green is home to a fair number of famous musicians, politicians, filmmakers, and transformative people who have made an impact & helped shine a light on their hometown. 

Some well-known former and current residents include:

Duncan Hines, the travel writer turned packaged foods and cake mix king, was born, lived and is buried here.

John Carpenter, the horror film writer, producer, and director of Halloween fame, grew up here. 

Our city has been home to many famous musicians including Newgrass Revival members Sam Bush, a world-renowned mandolin player and "Father of Newgrass," and Curtis Burch, an award-winning dobro player. Members of Nappy Roots, a platinum album-selling rap group, and indie rock band Cage the Elephant (Grammy-award winners!), Moon Taxi, and Sleeper Agent are also from Bowling Green. Learn more about our musical legacies at the SKY Music Exhibit website here.

Noteworthy athletes from Bowling Green include Terry Taylor, basketball player for Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls, and George Fant, currently playing football for Houston Texans. 

One of our most famous military residents is Brigadier General Dan Cherry, USAF, (Ret.) a career fighter pilot who completed a total of 285 combat missions, including one in which he shot down a Vietnamese MiG-21 pilot whom he later met in person for an inspiring story of reconciliation.

Broadway leading actor Bronson Norris Murphy is from BG and a graduate of Greenwood High School and Western Kentucky University. Prominent roles include the Phantom in Love Never Dies: The Phantom Returns.

Duncan Hines

Duncan Hines, the king of cake mix, was indeed a real person! Born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Hines' influence on American dining standards is unparalleled…