Caves & Nature around Bowling Green, Ky

As the hub of Kentucky's Cave Country, outdoor enthusiasts and cave explorers have an abundance of recreational opportunities around (and under) Bowling Green, from soft adventure hikes to getting down and dirty with cave crawls!  The same karst topography that is responsible for the mysterious caverns below is also the reason why our rolling hills above ground are arguably some of the most scenic in the country.

Mammoth Cave National Park is undoubtedly one of the top reasons for visiting southern Kentucky, but there are several other caves in the region including Lost River Cave right inside the BG city limits. Each of the following caves is unique and beautiful on its own, and some are more accessible for those with mobility than others, but collectively they make this part of the state very special for visitors seeking nature.

Make memories in Bowling Green with a cave tour, a canoe or kayak adventure, a hike along blue holes, or a cool morning surrounded by nature and art!