Reel Sites, Real Scary Driving Tour around Bowling Green

First set of numbers are video/dvd counter times for each site's reference. Bold numbers following each item coordinate with driving tour map, available in a pdf by clicking here or as a .jpg below.


0:07:00 Smith’s Grove, Illinois (title) 17 
0:29:54 “I remember a guy over in Russellville.” 4

The Fog

0:33:17 “Restoration of the Morgantown Road Cemetery.” (cemetery is fictional) 6 
0:58:51 “...toward the weather station on old Russellville Road.” 5 
1:12:04 “I think it’s Chestnut.” 13 
1:12:18 “It’s moving faster now, up Regent Avenue...” 10
1:12:20 “...up to the end of Smallhouse Road.” 2 
1:12:32 “It’s just hitting the outskirts of town...Clay Street.” 8
1:13:01 “It’s moving down Tenth Street.” 14
1:13:27 “Stay away from the fog. Richardsville Pike...” 7 
1:13:45 “Now the junction at 101 is cut off.” 16

Halloween II

0:09:40 Smiths Grove-Warren County Sanitorium (sanitorium is fictional) 17
0:18:08 “... moving north onto Scottsville Road.” 1 
0:18:13 “... meet me at the ByPass.” (31W ByPass) 15 
0:22:07 Smiths Grove-Warren County Sanitorium 17
0:25:12 “He’s in Russellville.” 4 
0:27:24 “The streets between Chestnut...“ 13
0:27:25 “...and Tenth are jammed...” 14 
0:28:57 “...field behind that Lost River Drive-In.” (Lost River Drive-In was where Hillvue Heights now stands.) 3 
0:41:07 “I want a sweep from Chestnut...” 13 
0:41:09 “...south to the ByPass.” (31W ByPass) 15 0:54:02 “...ordered back to Smiths Grove.” 17

Real Life Sites

Childhood Home Log Cabin - 14th Street - Former home. 9 
High School College High (Now Science & Technology Hall) 11 
College Western Kentucky University (until transferring to USC) 11 
Movie Theater Capitol Arts Center (416 East Main) 12 
“My favorite movie of all time I saw at the Capitol...” - John Carpenter, WKU Hall of Distinguished Alumni Video, 1999DrivingTourMap