With spring’s blooms popping with color and travel restricted, we wanted to share ideas for road trips right here in our backyard! Up first is the Warren County Quilt Trail, and now we’ve made it even easier to follow by adapting it for our Visit Bowling Green app.

Traversing the southern half of the county, this scenic tour takes you past 16 barn quilt squares and some gorgeous rural scenery. What is a barn quilt square? It is a large piece of wood or metal lovingly painted in the style of a quilt block pattern and then hung on the side of a barn, garage, or other building.  

We think these tributes to quilters and the rich quilting heritage of Kentucky can offer a comforting and uplifting excursion during these unprecedented times. Included in the mobile app is some background information as well as notes about each individual quilt pattern.

Just head over to visitbgky.com/app for links to download the free app, or update to the newest version if you already have it, and hit the back roads! If you prefer to follow the print brochure, you can print it out or pick up one from the front porch rack at our Three Springs Road Information Center.

Make it your “Easter Egg hunt” this weekend, or break the trail into several days worth of fun. Challenge the kids to draw their favorites or learn more history about that individual pattern. Most are visible from the road, but please be respectful of private property and other motorists.

Take pictures and tag us (@VisitBGKY) on Facebook or Instagram and you just might have your photo featured here on our website or on our social media!