Located less than 15 minutes outside of downtown Bowling Green, Highland Stables is situated upon a 168-acre family farm. Charles Mosley built the equine boarding and training facility in 2000 for his wife, Betty, who loves horses. But, when the structure transitioned into a wedding venue with a mission to “carry on the tradition of embracing life-long love” in 2014, the next Mosley generation took over the reins, and more than romantic love would be celebrated here soon enough. 

Gypymoon_BannerCurrent co-owner, Angie Mosely says that she comes from a long line of Mosley women who loved antiques, collectibles, and repurposed found objects. So, when she brought her daughter-in-law, Whitnee, on board at the venue, the two set their sights on having a barn sale. “We just kind of had the same business plan with GypsyMoon as we had with the event venue. We just jumped in blind,” Angie explains. Shoppers’ cars lined up all the way to Cemetery Road waiting for their turn at what would become one of the most successful barn sales in the country. “My husband almost had a nervous breakdown,” Angie said that there were some learning curves, for sure. 
GypsyMoon Marketplace got its name because Whitnee says that she and Angie along with their 80-something vendors and artisans who travel the country are “always reaching for the moon and the stars.” More than 1,500 small businesses have profited from the biannual sale that happens each April and November, with nearly 5,000 shoppers in attendance at each sale. 

If you’ve never been, this isn’t your standard barn sale where there’s no rhyme or reason to how items are displayed. Each vendor is heavily vetted, and are required to display their wares much like an eye-catching storefront. During the two-day sale, there are morning, afternoon, and evening ticketed sessions to limit crowds for the most enjoyable shopping experience. And, with musical performances and food trucks to round out the event, it’s no wonder GypsyMoon was voted as a top 10 indoor market by Flea Market Decor Magazine.

If you can’t imagine going into business with your mother-in-law, you’re definitely not alone. But, Angie and Whitnee have embraced their relationship. Whitnee says, “I have always gone in knowing that I have respect for her. She is my mother-in-law at the end of the day, and we are family. But, we do have a mediator – Kaleighn LaBore. She is the go-between when we can’t decide on something.” Angie adds, “We really like each other. If wGypsymoon_Flowerse weren’t in-laws, we’d still be friends.” 

The women have found great inspiration from their following. “When you see all these women at GypsyMoon, including mothers and daughters – we are creating memories for them,” Angie says it’s part of the reason why it’s so important to showcase women-owned businesses with a focus on quality. And, while turning away vendors during the vetting process is their least favorite task, the Mosley women have built their business model with a notion that “to be clear, is to be kind” –and it shows with the continuing support from the diverse community of artisans, makers, and shoppers of GypsyMoon Marketplace.   

The spring event will occur this year on April 26-27. Tickets may be purchased online for $10, and $15 at the gate. Or, you can opt for an all-access pass for $25 that includes a free tote bag. Click here for tickets.