Bowling Green, Ky. —August 18th, 2022—The first annual Cultural Awareness Corvette Weekend (CACW) begins this week in partnership with the National Corvette Museum.

Beginning August 18th, CACW will host a scheduled weekend of events in Bowling Green, KY, concluding August 20th with the CACW “Ring of Honor Banquet” recognizing selected individuals that have positively influenced the Corvette community. Proceeds from this event go to support the local African American Museum dedicated to recovering, documenting, preserving and presenting the history of African Americans in the Bowling Green area and the Historic Railpark and Train Museum.

“As a life-long Corvette enthusiast it is such an honor to serve as one of the officers for the inaugural Cultural Awareness Corvette Weekend. I was born and raised enjoying the Corvette lifestyle with my father, who made sure I knew that Corvettes weren’t just for boys. As an African American man from the deep south, he was not always welcomed into the Corvette community, but eventually found a safe haven to enjoy car shows, cruises, and drag racing. I attended these events and eventually began to participate with my own Corvette. My experience has been somewhat different from my father’s, but as an African American woman, I still remain a minority within the Corvette world,” said Nikki R. Brandon, an officer of CACW. “I often refer to Bowling Green and the National Corvette Museum as the “Disneyland” for Corvette enthusiasts, as it seems like the happiest place on Earth when you are surrounded by others who enjoy the Corvette as much as you do. Having an event that embraces all Corvette owners, in what has been such a magical place to me, is a welcomed distraction from the negativity and strife that has plagued our country lately. I applaud the museum for sending a message of inclusion and feel proud that I am part of the team that is planning this historic event.”

“When Billy Brooks brought this vision to me, I was ecstatic! CACW is very important to me because coming together as car enthusiasts, and not a car show competing for a trophy, allows for a more intimate and engaging experience with other Corvette riders,” said Karen Butler, CACW Officer. “My thoughts & hopes for CACW and the weekend of August 18-20, 2022, will be the historical event that we, as a team, have been planning for the last 3 years and will go down in history and leave a memorable experience and a lasting impression on the National Corvette Museum, the Mayor & the city of Bowling Green Ky, and all the participating attendees.”

The Cultural Awareness Corvette Weekend Inc., is a certified 501(c)(3) Organization, consisting of a hybrid team of visionaries, creators, managers, and strategists tasked to develop and organize a Corvette event highlighting African American Corvette owners and fans, but of course open to all! The mission of the Cultural Awareness Corvette Weekend Inc. is to provide an annual opportunity for Corvette enthusiasts throughout the United States to come together and experience and celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity that exists amongst Corvette owners while contributing to the development of educational and economic opportunities in the host community.

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