April 24, 2012 -- The WKU Knicely Conference Center has recently expanded its services, adding on-site and off-site conference planning and coordination services. WKU Conference Services provides extensive services for conferences and events that take place anywhere, including outside the WKU campus.

Knicely Conference Center Director Sue Parrigin said that it is a much-needed service, and the response has been overwhelming. “People are so busy that they find it difficult to juggle the large amount of time and planning it takes to coordinate an event,” Parrigin said. “We are able to lend our event-planning expertise to others and make the process a lot less painful.”

Parrigin said that professional staff can oversee as little or as much as the client needs. “We can coordinate just the basics, or we can handle every detail from start to finish,” she said. A new employee will be responsible for working with clients to ensure that all their needs are met.

WKU graduate Scott Shonk, a native of Noblesville, Ind., has been named Conference and Event Specialist and began his new position this month. “We offer a large range of services, and my job is to determine our clients’ individual needs and make the process as easy as possible for them,” Shonk said.

According to Shonk, services range from hosting online registrations and coordinating marketing materials to facilitating speaker travel and managing facility, equipment and food service needs. “Basically, we can handle any event-planning need,” Shonk added. “Our goal is to take care of the details so our clients don’t have to.”

WKU Conference Services are available for events that take place anywhere.

For information, call 270-745-1936. Information provided by WKU: Susan Esters, 270-745-8922