BGKY Eats!

According to local lore, Bowling Green supposedly has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the U.S. While we definitely agree that there are a ton of options, there is no factual data to support this claim! However, drive around town on a weekend night and you may come to believe no one around here cooks very well!

Desiring to showcase our locally-owned restaurants that have their own stories to tell, we created the BGKY Eats! Trail and accompanying video series.  

BGKY Eats! Episode 1: Boyce General Store


BGKY Eats! Episode 2: Wild Eggs


BGKY Eats! Episode 3: Chaney's Dairy Barn


Food | Kentucky in Focus with Elia Locardi


In this video, part of the Kentucky Department of Tourism's "Kentucky in Focus" series hosted by travel photographer Elia Locardi, go behind the scenes again at Chaney's Dairy Barn and Boyce General Store. Hear more about the Chaney's adorable herd and learn how to make the "Pie Queen of Bowling Green's" Kentucky Pie.