Trivia Answers

1- True. A $300,000 budget yielded over $75 million at the box offices!

2- d) Kurt Russell appears in four Carpenter films

3- False. Carpenter and four classmates at USC did win the Academy Award for Short Subjects with “Resurrection of Bronco Billy” in 1970.

4- An automobile

5- Westerns

6- Elvis played a character named John Carpenter in the 1969 movie Change of Habit.

7- c) Sammy Hagar

8- False. The credits say the Bowling Green Philharmonic performs the music, but it is actually Carpenter himself.

9- Alien

10- Kaleidoscope. Later, he formed a band called the Coupe de Villes with Nick Castle and Tommy Lee Wallace.

11- False- Michael Myers was named after the European distributor of Assault on Precinct 13.