John Carpenter Trivia

1) True or False: Halloween was the highest grossing independent film of its time.

CarpenterEarlyYears2) Which of the following actors has not appeared in a John Carpenter film?

a) Jamie Lee Curtis

b) Jeff Bridges

c) Kurt Russell

d) Mel Gibson

3) True or False: John Carpenter won an Academy Award for his direction of Christine.

4) In nearly all of his movies, John Carpenter includes at least one scene from what?

5) What genre of films did Carpenter originally want to produce?

6) Carpenter directed the biographical mini-series Elvis. What other connection does he have with the King?

7) Carpenter frequently casts musicians. Which of the following has not appeared in a Carpenter film?

a) Ice Cube

b) Isaac Hayes

c) Sammy Hagar

d) Alice Cooper

8) True or False: The music in Halloween was performed by the Bowling Green Symphony Orchestra.

9) Carpenter collaborated with classmate Dan O'Bannon on a student film, Dark Star. For what movie did O'Bannon later write the screenplay?

10) What was the name of the band Carpenter played bass and sang for while attending WKU?

11) True or False: The name Michael Myers came from an old classmate of Carpenter's.

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